Sunday, October 9, 2011

5 Rules for Success At Work

I found something interesting in this article, it states "Most people think that they are brillant and effective communicators, if you ask people to rank themselves on their ability to communicate, nearly everyone will put themselves in the top 10%". We make assumptions that we are the best at communicating because we do it on a daily basis. Although we communicate daily, we should always review the difference between personal and workplace communication.

The following 5 rules are important rules for the workplace in order to have effective communication:

  1. When in doubt, Overcommunicate - It is important to repeat messages for clarity, if they are important.
  2. Use Multiple Channels - For important messages, sending them in several ways is helpful. Such as by e-mail, written annoncement and a verbal reminder.
  3. Think Like a Journalist - Make sure your messages answer the questions who?, what?, when?, where?, how? and why? (espescially when policy's are being changed in the workplace).
  4. Be Audience Focused - Always review your e-mails and messages from an audience's perspective before sending them to the receiver.
  5. Be Authentic - "Say what you mean, mean what you say". If you want your mesaage to get across effectively, you must have a good record of openness and honesty


  1. Good article, it's important to communicate effectively and the 5 rules to follow listed above are a checklist to make sure you are really communicating your message in the right way.

  2. I think the five tips are good and can lead to success at work. Communication is crucial for businesses to be successful, and applying these rules ensures that messages are clear and can be received by the intended party. Using multiple channels and over-communicating can go hand in hand as messages can be repeated over many channels. The third and fourth tip also go together as the audience usually want those who?, what?, when?, where?, how? and why? questions answered.