Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 Skills to Better Listening

So, I chose this article because I think it applies to Chapter 4 (Managing Listening Communication in the Workplace) in the text book. Listening is defined sensing and making meaning of sound or signals by others. Listening is key to management (Ch.4 p. 70). We tend to filter things out based on: culture, language, values, beliefs, attitudes, expectations and intentions. Listening connects space and time. The 5 skills that for better listenig are:
1.) Silence: 3 minutes daily helps to reevaluate our thoughts and make sense of things.
2.) Mixer: Count how many sounds you hear, improves your quality of listening.
3.) Savoring: Allow yourself to enjoy mundane sounds, and helps you pay attention.
4.) Listening Position (Most Important): Idea to move your listening position to what is appropriate to what you are listening to.
5.) R.A.S.A.: Receive (pay attention to the person),
                     Appreciate (making small noises),
                     Summarize ("so" is very important),
                    Ask (ask questions afterwards)

Listening is conciously important to live fully (Julian Treasure, 2011) and helps in understnding each

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