Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 Clues to watch for in an interview

After an interview, most of us replay the scenario back in our minds to figure how well we did and if we think we got the job. Here are 10 clues to figuring out how well your interview went.

1.) Did the interview talk about next steps and a timeline with you? (Your future with company)

2.) Did the interviewer ask you about your own timeline? (Any Other Job Offers)

3.) Did the interviewer try to “sell” the position or the company to you?

4.) Did the interviewer mention that the company has a lot of good candidates they’re talking with or that they have a lot of decisions to make internally before they move forward?

5.) Did the interviewer interrupt you or look bored?

6.) Did the interviewer spend a lot of time answering your questions?

7.) Did the interview run over allotted time?

8.) Did the interviewer show you around the office, introduce you to others, or suggest a future meeting with someone else on their staff?

9.) Did the interviewer give you any direct feedback?

10.) Have you heard from your referees that the employer has called them to validate references?
    *Keep in mind that these clues are not solid guarantees of receiving the job position, but while you are waiting to hear the results seeing the pattern in the signs listed can give you some insight on how things might have gone.

    Article Source: "10 Clues to watch for in an interview" by Alison Green

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